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Changes in subsidiaries

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The company "Legal Solutions" can provide a service for the changes to the subsidiary documents on the territory of Ukraine.

Our company has many years of experience with any business entities. Therefore, our employees will be able to help you with the solution of issues related to the registrations and amendments to the documents of any company, including documents subsidiaries.

The activities of subsidiaries in Ukraine at the legislative level is not enough regulated. Therefore, they need to apply the rules of law relating to legal persons.

What changes can be subject to state registration in the legal entities and subsidiaries in particular? The changes may include the following:

  • Relocation of the company;
  • Changing the charter capital;
  • Change manager (director) and the persons entitled to represent the company without power of attorney;
  • Changing the ultimate beneficial owner (benefit) subsidiary;
  • Changing the additional information.

In this list there are no changes 2 types of changes that can not be conducted in subsidiaries, namely, change the name (name of the subsidiary must contain the name of the parent company) and the founder of the change (the founder is always the parent company, from which the subsidiary is a dependent).

Provision of this service includes:

  • Advising on changes to the constituent documents of a subsidiary;
  • Development of all necessary to make changes to documents;
  • Notarization owner signatures under the company charter;
  • Full support of the state registration procedure;
  • Reporting to the tax office on the appointment of the director (in case of change of directors);
  • Development of the layout (draft) printing (when the data changes contained in the press).

Documents necessary to make changes to the subsidiary:

  • From the parent company of a resident:
    • Certificate / an extract from the USR;
    • Charter.
  • From the parent company's non-resident:
    • Notarized copy of the document confirming registration in the country of residence;
    • Document confirming the presence of authority from the person who will sign the documents from the parent company.
  • In case of change of director you need to provide a copy of passport and identification code.

After the client receives the services of:

  • The list of documents submitted for state registration;
  • The decision of the parent company - subsidiary of the owner;
  • Charter of the enterprise (in case of making changes);
  • Order on the appointment of the director (in case of change of the head);
  • Help from statistics (by arrangement);
  • Printing Company (in case of change of information contained in it).

The algorithm of the service:

  • Getting an order from the client;
  • Meeting with the client and provide him all the consultations;
  • Get 50% prepaid service cost;
  • Development and signing of documents;
  • Carrying out the state registration;
  • Print Production (if necessary);
  • Transfer documents and package printing customers;
  • Full payment for services rendered.


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