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Company Registration in the UAE

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In the past few decades, the United Arab Emirates has become a center of international trade. Lifestyle, corporate structuring, stability, favorable investment climate have made this jurisdiction the center of corporate business and the meeting point of north and west.

Startups and entrepreneurs can register new companies in the UAE. The support of local governments along with minimal bureaucracy compared to other areas has made the UAE a very attractive place to do business.

Registration of offshore companies in the UAE: main advantages

The UAE is an ideal place for international business. Here are some of the advantages and benefits provided by registering a company in the UAE Free Trade Zone:

  • The system of free enterprise in the creation of a company.
  • Highly skilled workforce and relatively simple recruitment procedures.
  • Wide range of activities.
  • Free trade.
  • Increased confidence of banks in opening a corporate bank account

Registration of a company in the UAE from Legal Solutions - 100% good choice.

The legal company Legal Solutions provides a wide range of business organization services in Dubai and the UAE for start-ups, medium-sized enterprises and large business concerns. The combination of trust and quality is the hallmark of our business setup services.

And this is not just advertising, but our proven formula of work. We offer business organization services related to mainland, free zone and offshore business, from basics to licensing, license renewals and more.

We consider that customer success and growth are the greatest reward of us. We serve as a helping hand to our valued customers and provide prompt advice and support.

Registration of an offshore company in the UAE includes:

  • lawyer consulting;
  • preparation of a package of documents;
  • registration of a new company;
  • registration of a license (if necessary);
  • assistance in obtaining a visa, residence permit, work permit;
  • interaction with government agencies, representing the interests of the client;
  • opening a corporate bank account;
  • accounting and tax support and many others.

Are you interested in registering companies in the UAE? Our highly qualified specialists can open a company in the shortest possible time. We guarantee an uninterrupted, reliable and successful business from A to Z.

Starting a new business can be difficult. However, choosing the right partner like our law firm, it is easy. Clients choose us for the following reasons:

  • strategic approach;
  • interaction with business owners and consultants;
  • competent, high-quality advice;
  • professionalism; the desire to create value;
  • right comercial offers.

How to open an offshore company in the UAE?

The procedure for opening an offshore company in Dubai or the UAE is very different from the procedure for registering an onshore company in another country. The key aspects of offshore companies that you should pay attention to include:

  • UAE offshore does not have any special requirements or restrictions regarding owners/shareholders;
  • the corporate tax rate is 0%.

If you decide to open or buy an offshore company in the UAE, contact the law firm Legal Solutions. Our experts will help:

  • Organize the share capital structure of the business.
  • Establish the size of the authorized capital and the procedure for its formation.
  • Choose the optimal organizational and legal form of company.

We are ready right now to provide advice and provide full, comprehensive, professional support for your business in the United Arab Emirates.

Registration steps

Registration of a company offshore in the UAE is a consistent procedure, clearly regulated by local legislation. If you are interested in UAE offshore, please contact us for assistance.

  1. Using the services of our highly qualified specialists, the process of creating a new company will be quick and easy. The procedure for opening a legal entity is as follows:
  2. Choosing the right business form according to your needs and requirements.
  3. Name reservation for a company.
  4. Preparation and notarization of the Memorandum and Charter.
  5. Submission of a package of documents to the state organs of UAE.
  6. Obtaining a VAT number.
  7. Submission of an application for a license (if necessary).

The licensing procedure is completed at the same time as the registration process. The following types of licenses are available to legal entities:

  • trading;
  • industrial;
  • commercial;
  • professional.

These are general licenses that must be obtained regardless of where the company is registered. In addition, for other activities, such as import and export, it is necessary to obtain special licenses.

Registration of a company in the UAE: cost

For each client, we will prepare a unique commercial proposition. In addition to the cost of legal services, the client bears the costs associated with:

  • company registration fee;
  • license fee;
  • virtual office or renting a real office;
  • additional services (accounting, legal services).

If you decide to have a new level and want to register your own company in the United Arab Emirates, please contact the legal company "Legal Solutions".

With Legal Solutions you can register a new company or transfer a business from another jurisdiction by issuing a power of attorney for registration actions remotely. Our specialists will help you open bank accounts, issue a tax resident certificate and optimize business processes in the UAE.

Only we know how to make your business easier, more affordable and more profitable. Our high-class specialists are always happy to provide advisory and practical assistance!


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