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Liquidation of representative office of foreign company

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Liquidation of representative office of foreign firm is one of difficult and long procedures of registration. It depends both from importance of realization of great number of actions and with the shortage of adjusting of procedure of liquidation of similar object.

Relatively by one registration actions there are not terms for consideration of documents public organs, also there is not a certain list of documents that is required in order that consideration happened. In the total many forces leave and to time on that, to come to an accommodation to the certain representatives of organs that is authorized to conduct this procedure.

In the complex of our services included:

  • Preliminary analysis of the given documents and information for liquidation of foreign branch;
  • Preparation of all required package of documentation for liquidation of foreign representative office;
  • Consultative accompaniment on all stages of passing of process;
  • Draftings of liquidating balance;
  • Translations and notarial assertions of all required documents for liquidation of foreign representative office.

Directly works on liquidation of foreign representative office:

  • Liquidation in tax organs;
  • Liquidation in pension fund;
  • Liquidation in the funds of social security;
  • Liquidation in Custom authorities;
  • Closing of accounts;
  • Liquidation in Ministry of economic development and trade of Ukraine.
  • Stopping in the organs of statistics.

Why we

A legal company "Legal Solutions" works 5 more than in the segment of external economic connections and ready to help you, and provide service on liquidation of foreign representative office on territory of Ukraine.

A legal company "Legal Solutions" has long-term experience in providing of legal services in the field of liquidation of foreign representative offices on territory of Ukraine. Due to the presence of high quality lawyers, accountants, public accountants, arbitrage managers, translators and notaries, and also connections in Ministry of economic development and other organs allows to us complex to go near the decision of task with the guarantee of positive result.

For stopping of foreign representative office we are necessary to give the next list of documents and information:

  • By a notary office-copy - maternal structure (Extractions of registers of bank, courts, trade), that testifies to registration in the state of location of legal entity. A document must be translated and apostilled (legalized);
  • Documents, testifying to the rights for a person that will accomplish the signature of documents of subdivision on behalf of maternal organization, with translation and (
  • Apostilled legalized). In case if the signature of documents will be accomplished by a representative is a notarial warrant, with translation and apostilled (legalized) or given out in Ukrainian language;
  • Original of testifying to registration of foreign representative office;
  • Certificate about bringing to NSRUEO;
  • Certificate about raising on the account of taxpayer (4 -OPP) - if I am;
  • Decision (protocol) of maternal organization about closing of foreign branch (the table of contents of decision or protocol we will give), with translating into the Ukrainian language, translator must be notarial witnessed (we can do translation and notarial assertion) signature;
  • Warrant from maternal organization about delivery of rights in relation to closing (liquidations) of representative office (the table of contents of warrant is given by us);
  • Pay documents from a bank;
  • Primary book-keeping (invoices, acts);
  • Information of relatively salary (lists, tables);
  • All reports from funds (Pension fund, Fund of social security);
  • All reports from a tax.

Except it, it will be necessary to give:

  • Information about public servants of foreign representative office (leader, chief accountant etc.), namely: Fullname, essential elements of active document (order, decision of management organ etc.), on the basis of that they are provided with corresponding plenary powers;
  • Information about workers that work in foreign representative office, their last name, name, position. All present in a foreign representative office labour books, skilled documentation, orders on shots, permissions on employment for foreigners (if they were);
  • Information about absence or presence of debt on payment of salary to the workers of foreign representative office. If a debt is present, it is necessary to mark for period (monthly) she arose up on every worker separately.

It is also necessary to give:

  • Certificate about open account in bank institutions (name of bank, IFO, number of account);
  • Information about the remain of facilities in the cashdesk of foreign branch;
  • Abstract about a cash flow.

The algorithm of our work following:

  • Analysis of the given documents and information for liquidation of foreign representative office;
  • Translation and assertion of all required documents of maternal organization;
  • Preparation of all required documents (in particular, decision (protocol) about liquidation, warrants, letters, statements) coming from the given information and documents;
  • Appeal in custom authorities on questions of receipt of certificate about absence of the brought in property on custom territory of Ukraine;
  • Assistance in closing of bank account (if was scored first);
  • Draftings of intermediate liquidating balance of subdivision (if necessary);
  • Passing of verification in the organs of Government Fiscal Service;
  • Passing of verification in the organs of Pension fund on the basic place of account of subdivision (in case realization of activity is 2013 to);
  • Draftings of eventual liquidating balance of subdivision (if necessary);
  • Presentation of documents in Ministry of Economic Development for abolition of record in Register of representative offices;
  • Appeal in the organs of statistics.

Documents that is got by Client:

  • The Liquidating card of Ministry of Economic Development;
  • Copies of certificates of organs of Fiscal Service and custom authorities.


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