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Registration is an association of trade unions

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The procedure for registering an association of trade unions is practically no different from the creation of a primary trade union and is governed by the law on trade unions, their rights and guarantees of activity.

A trade union is a type of public organizations that are created for the purpose of protecting the rights and interests associated with employment or training.

Registration of trade unions and their associations includes two stages.

  • Message about compliance with the declared status.
  • Registration of legal entity.

Obtaining a certificate of legalization enables the association to work legally, enter into collective agreements, participate in negotiations, etc.

The second stage is optional, but it provides organizations with more opportunities, in particular the authority to open bank accounts, use the seal.

The right of trade unions to form associations on the basis of the agreement of the participants and the charter is enshrined in Article 8 of the relevant law. Association may occur on a territorial, sectoral, other principle. Participants have the right to voluntarily join and withdraw from unions.

The status of associations is determined by the status of their members. Professional formations have the right to enter international trade union or other organizations, to cooperate with them, if this does not contradict the norms of current legislation.

If you do not know how to organize a trade union or association, or you do not have enough time to communicate with government agencies, contact Legal Solutions specialists. We will provide you with detailed explanations regarding the registration procedure and help you to go through all its stages with your minimum participation.


  • Protocol of the meeting of members of the association with the decision to open the organization and the chosen name.
  • Information about the elected bodies and founders.
  • Information about the presence in a certain territory of trade union organizations / associations.

You will also need copies of the passport and manager's identification code, the legal address of the future association.


The listed package of documents is submitted to the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Justice. Based on them, within a month the registrar confirms the status of the organization, includes it in the register of associations and issues a certificate of registration.

Organizations that are part of the trade union, the trade unions themselves, their associations acquire rights and obligations, exercise authority through elected bodies.


  • Registration of the charter, holding the meeting.
  • Collection of documents, information about the founders.
  • Accompanying clients in registration authorities, obtaining a certificate.
  • Making a stamp.

You can order both one-time services and a turnkey service package from us. If you have any questions - ask them to our employees by phone or in writing.


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