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Administrative disputes

Disputes, administrative crimes

A legal company "Legal Solutions" engages in providing of services as legal defense in matters, administrative questions. If administrative disagreements appeared for you, will appeal to the lawyers of our company.

Why is it needed to choose exactly us?

After a legal help, coming from practice come in the cases when for administrative violations physical persons are attracted for administrative responsibility. In most cases, appeals take place already in time, when awarded judgement, and a necessity to contest this decision about bringing in to responsibility appeared.

This situation arises up by reason of that many citizens getting in the similar situation of administrative disagreements, concepts do not have, from what time they become the participants of administrative process and participate in him, quite not becoming familiar with the rights.

Operating of lawyer under questions, касаемо the matters of administrative character in a company "Legal Solutions" begun with drafting of claim on the illegal actions of servings public organs to their direct leader. In future we make a complaint, or point of claim in a certain judicial body in order that a justice was recovered and an administrative decision is abolished. Our assistance gives an opportunity by a legal method to recover a justice and subject culprits in illegal encroachments to punishment.

About service

In the category of administrative crimes violations are included in area of building right, of right nature protection, tax, and also violations that belong to the list of travelling, fire, sanitary and epidemiological, transport rules. If to talk about physical persons, then in most cases this violation of SDA, rules of public peace. Legal entities get under violation of the set requirements of safety, tax laws.

Responsibility for violations of administrative character not so is severe, as in the matters of criminal law, but together with it she is able to cause negative consequences. Legal entities can be exposed to penalty approvals of imposing sizes, either activity of organization can be stopped, leader either public servant it can be deprived the position or possibilities on the finance of entrepreneurial activity.

Physical persons can be exposed to social works, penalty approvals, or conclusion within a 14 twenty-four hours. In an order to decrease negative consequences, if you are exposed to the groundless bringing in to administrative violations, it is needed to appeal after a legal help to the professional advocate.

Advocates and lawyers of company "Potters and partners" will produce an acquaintance with all materials of business, касаемо administrative violation, will produce the estimation of prospects of this trial, will work out tactics and strategy of conduct of administrative business, will carry out collection and will direct the required proofs in a judicial body. Besides it, if there is a necessity, public servants, that drew up a report testifying to offence together with witnesses will be caused on meeting of court.

The specialists of our company can find out judicial violations that were perfect at conducting business and to give them to the court, contest a decreet in higher instances, to carry out defence of client-side in all judicial trials. It is important to notice that a client can be not in a court. Also our specialists can contest a decision about imposition of penalty of administrative character.

Services of our company in administrative questions consist of:

  • advising on questions, regards administrative responsibility;
  • presentation of client-side in judicial bodies and public authorities;
  • realization of protection of rights for persons that is brought to the administrative account;
  • Challenging of actions, or their absence by the authorized persons, possessing a right on registration of judicial documentation, касаемо bringing in to administrative responsibility and taking away of decision about bringing in to administrative responsibility in judicial bodies and higher instances;
  • drafting of judicial documents in matters about administrative crimes, to the penalty of expenses;
  • realization of research about a presence, or absence of composition of offence of administrative character;
  • Realizations of search of experts, specialists, witnesses, required list of questions for examinations and analyses;
  • presentation of client-side at execution of decisions, касаемо businesses about legal violations of administrative character.

Algorithm of work of our company on administrative disagreements:

  • Acquaintance with documents that were executed on the basis of business on an administrative crime, estimation of perspective of conducting business;
  • Development of strategy and choice of behavior for conducting business about offence of administrative character;
  • Realization of collection and grant in the judicial body of evidential base, касаемо business about an administrative crime;
  • Call on meeting of court of representatives of GAI, МВД, and other public organs that engaged in registration of protocol about offence of administrative character;
  • Realization of call, together with questioning of witnesses in business about an administrative crime;
  • Exposure and grant to the court of judicial violations that were perfect during registration of business about violation of administrative character;
  • Work of searching works of auxiliary proofs in business, together with a subsequent grant them in a judicial body;
  • Actions in regard to awarded judgement by a judicial body in higher organs, regards business on offence of administrative character;
  • Protection of rights and client-side in all judicial trials, both during the presence of client and without him.
Documents that is got by a client - is a decreet that entered into legal force.


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