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Receipt of citizenship of Ukraine

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.
of 90

working days

The receipt of citizenship of Ukraine makes:

  • Providing of advising on all nascent questions that touch naturalized;
  • Assistance in preparation of complete package of documentation, that will be needed during realization of registration of citizenship of Ukraine;
  • Services of notary;
  • Presentation of client-side and dispatch of all documentation in the required instances.

Why we?

  • Our company will give help to you, explaining all subtleties of laws of Ukraine and will pick up the most optimal method for you, to decide a problem;
  • In minimum, getting a concordance with you terms you on hands will have Your citizenship in Ukraine;
  • We will render to you accompaniment in all instances and we will propose defence of Your interests;
  • We will find for you the most comfortable method for the performance of goal and will work out the most suitable chart of receipt of citizenship in Ukraine;
  • All required documents will be collected in minimum terms;
  • We give 100 % guarantee success, because highly skilled specialists work in our state only.

What benefits you acquire, if will get citizenship:

  • Official employment becomes considerably easier;
  • Admittance allowing to settle down on service in organs state will be given out you. authorities, MIA, Office of public prosecutor;
  • Simpler to carry out registration of visa in the countries of the European union and in other countries that have with Ukraine of agreement about visa-free status;
  • It is Possibility to take part in the election, be candidate in deputies, both Supreme soviet of Ukraine and as a deputy of local advice;
  • Possibility Appears in diplomatic support, at being in any point of the world.

On the terms of law "On citizenship of Ukraine", a presence of right on registration of citizenship is at next terms:

  • In fact of birth;
  • At a right for soil, that talks about probability of acquiring of country citizenship, where you were born;
  • During registration of citizenship;
  • If there is proceeding in citizenship;
  • At adoption
  • During registration of guardianship, or patronage above a child, device of child in child's house of domestic type or waiting room family, and also transmissions of child on education in family of home-nursing educator;
  • During the care of person above that guardianship is required in decision of judicial bodies;
  • If one, or both parents of child are the citizens of Ukraine;
  • If paternity, either maternity, was confessed or the fact of filiating, maternity is carried out.

The citizens of another state and person, not possessing citizenship, that does not possess grounds in order that to get citizenship on the right of blood, are able also to get citizenship, but not every foreigner can get a positive answer about naturalized.

By law, to design citizenship, required:

  • Confession and following of constitution of Ukraine, along with laws;
  • Absence of citizenship in other country (a formal refusal is needed from citizenship of another state);
  • To Live by on territory of our state a term no less than 5, at the observance of all requirements of legislation;
  • Possessing admittance on immigration;
  • Possession state . by a language, or his understanding in an amount, allowing to express oneself without difficulties;
  • Possessing the legal sources of existence.

According to the Ukrainian legislation on permission of citizenship taken no at the following factors:

  • If a man carried out the criminal act, directed against people, or action the nations sent to elimination;
  • If on territory of Ukraine a man was sentenced to the conclusion (to the moment, while previous conviction will be paid off, taken off) as a result of realization severe, or especially severe act, taking into account the size of danger created for general safety of all state;
  • If a man carried out in other country an act that is characterized in Ukraine as severe, or special severe.

As a process looks on naturalized of Ukraine:

  • All process sent to the receipt of citizenship consists of a few stages:
    • Development and literate preparation of all required documentation in an order to design citizenship;
    • Dispatch of valuable package of documentation in ГМС of Ukraine;
    • Expectation of answer about a positive decision, касаемо the receipt of citizenship of Ukraine through the exit of certain decree of the Ukrainian president;
    • All documentation, the serve of that is produced through diplomatic organizations, or consulate, originally set forth to MFA, and then in Commission at a president on questions of citizenship.
  • That will be required in order that citizenship was executed:
    • Statement, regards procedure of acceptance in citizenship of Ukraine. (this document is needed in two copies);
    • Snapshots, in an amount three things, measuring 3,5*4,5 sm;
    • The presence of one of documents is also obligatory;
    • it is Declaration about absence of citizenship in other state (for persons not possessing citizenship);
    • it is Statement in writing from a foreign citizen that in case if he will accept Ukrainian citizenship, then will give up the citizenship in other country;
    • it is Statement with a request to change citizenship. Given by a foreign habitant that is the citizen of country, by the providing for rules of the international acceding to Ukraine abolition of previous citizenship in the moment of naturalized in our state.
  • At choice, one of the following documents :
    • confirmation is Required on documentary basis that a person during the last five years without break lived in our state, not violating the requirements of legislation. A like requirement is needed for foreigners that carried out an entrance to Ukraine as a foreign citizen. Also it is additionally necessary to attach copy of passport document;
    • it is Documentary confirmation, that you live by on Ukraine a term no less than five years, in adding to it is necessary to add documentary confirmation of the legal basing on an entrance in our state. To it copy of passport of the former USSR of standard behaves 1947 year, copy of travel document, not giving citizenship, copy of certificate of identity for journeys for a border.
  • Also required selective some from documents:
    • copy of documentary confirmation of admitting to immigration to Ukraine;
    • copy of passport of citizen of the former USSR with a mark about registration on territory of Ukraine, for persons, being the citizens of other country, carrying out an entrance to Ukraine on RP to the acceptance of immigration law copy of residential permit.
  • Also at choice it is necessary to give one of documents:
    • Document that testifies that a person owns state . by the language of Ukraine, or knows him in an amount, seizing for expressing. This document is able to give out leader of educational establishment, local executive of Ukraine body, or executive branch of local self-government;
    • copy of certificate, or copy of extract from the academic list of diploma, if by chance a person finished educational establishment where educating to Ukrainian was produced;
    • it is Documentation, testifying to disability of person, suffering physical defects (blindness, deafness, inability to speak);
    • it is Documentation testifying to the estate of source of existence, on a legislation in time, equal to the last six years in the date of dispatch of solicitor about an acceptance in citizenship of Ukraine. If a person can give a document, that will be able to become a certificate that a person have the personal financial accumulations, a sum on a bank account is under an obligation to plug in itself not less than, than 12 living wages, on a norm operating during the dispatch of solicitor;
  • On a child it is additionally necessary to give:
    • copy of birth certificate;
    • Statement about the presence of consent from the side of child about naturalized (in case if a child is older than fourteen years).

In what time and what cost is recorded on citizenship of Ukraine?

  • In the speed-up mode this procedure occupies a term equal to one month.
  • A right on a speed-up order is able to get a person, possessing a relative that has citizenship of Ukraine, or before was in citizenship.
  • The general process sent to the acceptance of Ukrainian citizenship requires the prolonged enough interval of time is equal to one year. There is possibility to reduce the term, coming from factors (for example, a residential permit was already approved scienter). All information, касаемо the complete list of necessary documentation it is possible to know in an embassy, or MfA.
  • A process on the acceptance of Ukrainian citizenship is able to take away the lots of time, if you filled documentation with inaccuracies. From you the grant of certificates will be requested, that prepare no less than 4 weeks. For this reason, if wish to get citizenship, then provide oneself patience and attentively look over a legislative base. To the persons that fall into the category of foreign citizens and not well-informed to the laws of bureaucracy of the Ukrainian state, it will be very difficult the forces to design citizenship.
  • Rates and time of registration of citizenship of Ukraine at an assistance our specialists straight have dependence on by the given documentation, urgency of receipt of citizenship and another factors. In an order to be exactly determined with a price, it is necessary to call on a pin telephone of our company number.

Algorithm of work:

  • Advising of client on all questions, that is related to the receipt of citizenship and passport of citizen of Ukraine;
  • Client gives all necessary from him documents to us;
  • Preparation of complete package of documents, that is needed for the receipt of citizenship of Ukraine;
  • Grant to the client of documents for the receipt of citizenship of Ukraine;
  • Receipt of passport of citizen of Ukraine.
That you get after registration - passport of citizen of Ukraine.
Additional services that can may need to Clients - a receipt of identification number of taxpayer.


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