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Disputes about property registration

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The legislation of Ukraine provides for mandatory state registration of the rights of owners to real estate. Since 2016, this procedure has been significantly simplified, but disputes over the registration of property still remain and are resolved quite often in legal practice.

To protect your property rights and resolve a dispute of any complexity, we recommend that you seek help from the Legal Solutions company.

Our highly qualified lawyers specialize in supporting the registration of property on a turnkey basis, as well as solving problems associated with the registration procedure.

Property registration disputes: our lawyer will help you

Asking for legal assistance from Legal Solutions is the best solution if you have legal problems related to the state registration of property.

We provide legal assistance in any category of disputes:

  • appeal against registration actions on property;
  • appeal against the inaction of the state registrar;
  • recognition of state registration as invalid;
  • making changes to the Unified State Register;
  • invalidation of acts that violate the rights to property, etc.

The disputable legal relationship can arise not only between individuals, but also legal entities, subjects of power, public authorities. Regardless of the subjective dispute and its complexity, we are guaranteed to provide you with expert, professional legal assistance.

Property rights: in a dispute it is really possible to find the truth

As part of resolving property disputes and appealing against registration actions, the lawyers of our company offer clients the following services:

  1. Legal advice from experts in property, housing legal relations.
  2. Legal analysis of title documents.
  3. Preparation of documents.
  4. Appeal to the court.
  5. Representing the interests of the client in courts of all instances.
  6. Legal support of the stage of enforcement proceedings.
  7. Appeal against actions, inaction or decisions of the state registrar in an administrative, judicial order.
  8. Removal of attachment from property.
  9. Recognition of ownership of property and many others.

This is not the final list of services provided by our specialists. If you want to get advice and find out detailed information, please contact us in the most optimal way for you.

Protection of property rights: disputes and optimal solutions

Clients trust our specialists to solve their problems for the following reasons:

  • competent, professional approach;
  • thorough knowledge of the legislative framework and judicial practice;
  • search for optimal solutions;
  • performance of any actions solely in favor of the client and within the framework of applicable law;
  • good prices;
  • high quality of services;
  • efficiency;
  • absolute confidentiality.

We know how to protect your property rights and resolve any property registration dispute with minimal financial and time losses. Contact us!


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