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Real estate

Real estate: The entire spectrum of possible operations

The property is located on a fundamental place among the country's national treasures, it is related to everyday life and the direction of public activity. Real Estate - the only part of the country's wealth, which will never leave its limits, thus it will always be the basis for the formation of all other types of property. At the same time, real estate is a prerequisite for a decent existence and free development of man.
Legal relationships related to real estate, given their importance in social relations are complex and are governed by a variety of national legal acts, bylaws, regulations, etc. Do not use or incorrect application of a provision entails the invalidity of the related transactions, as well as It could lead to criminal liability of persons who carried out the transaction.
Our company has chosen a high level of qualification of specialists in the sphere of real estate operations, which will carry out any transactions in strict accordance with the requirements of current legislation with minimal cost to the customer.

Our lawyers practice in real estate are ready to offer you the services of:

  • Support of transactions of purchase and sale of commercial and industrial properties, as well as the real estate business.
  • Legal audit of real estate.
  • Support of mortgage transactions, leasing, property management.
  • Drafting of contracts of sale, lease of real estate.
  • Advising on property tax issues.
  • Legal support phase of registration of property rights to real estate.
  • Representation of the client in state bodies and local self-government.
  • Presentation of the client-side clients in courts of all instances on the disputes related to real estate.
  • Support of transactions involving land.
  • Legal audit of land banks.

Why we?

  • Constant practice lawyers of our company in the sphere of relations that are associated with registration, transfer, management of real property in accordance with the adjustments imposed 01.01.2016goda with the Law of Ukraine "On state registration of rights to immovable property and their encumbrances" and, together with the Law regulations – legal acts;
  • Well-established work with government agencies and institutions, notaries, allows you as soon as possible to solve your problem and get all the necessary documents by simple reference to the registration of rights to object or to obtain permission to carry out certain actions with real estate.

Our law firm provides legal support real estate transactions. This service is required for the protection of the financial interests of the parties and guarantee the legality of the transaction, well-written documentation and the transfer of property to a new owner, according to all the norms of law.
It is believed that the holding of a good real estate transactions is only possible with the help of a realtor who will solve all issues related to the search for a buyer or seller, paperwork - not quite true. Since, in the case where the parties have agreed on the deal without the help of a real estate company, and there are concerns with regards to the integrity realtor, without the help of a real estate attorney, or a complete reference of real estate transactions can not do.

In real estate agencies in most cases used standard contracts, and the slightest deviation from the usual schemes of cooperation to stimulate the difficulties, as this work is on stream.

We work with each transaction on an individual approach, excluding the slightest error, with maximum protection of the rights and legitimate interests of the client.

If you have previously carried out a real estate deal, and have formed the legal problems, then you need to seek professional help. We can not exclude the option even when you have to go to court against the real estate company. And sometimes, it's able to be complicated because of the moving company to another region or country. For a real estate lawyers of our company these cases - a piece of their everyday responsibilities and experience, at a time when the layperson this case seems undecided.

Our cooperation with you begins with a situation analysis, research of available documents and provide advice on possible options to solve the problem. We provide advice on rights to real human interests and possibilities of their implementation. This consultation provides an understanding of the desirability and feasibility of action, the definition of the motion vector in the case.

Necessary documents and information from the customer:

To solve the problem on your part is necessary to make available all documents. The package of documents depends on the particular situation. For example, for the purchase and sale of real estate between individuals need:

  • passport seller and buyer of real estate, their identification codes;
  • documents of title to real estate;
  • the registration certificate or an extract of registration of ownership of real property;
  • Background information from the state register of real property rights;
  • technical passport of the property;
  • consent of the owners of the property, and other documents based on your situation.

The key principle of our company - to provide integrated services. Our approach is characterized by versatility, since attracted to work on the project, not only experts on real estate, but also experts in accounting, taxation, law and corporate finance.


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