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Civil-law disputes

Civil legal disputes - is often a discrepancy between natural or legal persons, which arise mainly in simple situations, or in other words - civil legal relations between the parties.

These types of disputes include any conflicts that have a particular relevance to contractual or other legal relations, and participants such conflicts often physical and legal entities. Most such disputes are due to poor quality, on time or not offense the conditions of the contract between the parties, or is directly related to property loss reimbursement and more.

Civil legal disputes can be designated by category:

  • The failure conditions of the loan agreement, receipt, is the collection of debts from the debtor.
  • Disputes relating to property such as obtaining ownership of an object that is not put in the work, when it comes to division of property between the same owners, disputes over contract - the sale, the recognition void contracts under this type of dispute, the transfer of property in the replacement - the sale or held by disputes between heirs on sale and more.
  • Work the defense of a client in such disputes as conflicts of financial institutions, banks, which include: challenging mortgage, mortgage contract, the executive inscription notary on the mortgage contract is recognized as not subject to the execution of the process to appeal the actions of state. artist during the enforcement action character, the refund of the deposit agreement, withdrawal seizure of property and other conflict disputes with financial institutions.
  • Disputes labor nature such as punishments wage worker recovery officer after his dismissal and punishment in the average monthly salary for the period of forced his absence, the full protection of the employee organization while receiving reprimands, demands of enterprise moral compensation and other disputes arguing that the violation of labor code.
  • Land disputes.
  • Conflict situations in families, which include divorce between spouses, the division of joint property, help in collecting child support.
  • Introduction heir to inherit, here we will focus on overdue accession and assist in representing the interests of the heir to all stages of the inheritance.
  • Protection of intellectual property rights.
  • Damage from causing injury and other types of dangerous damage to health (assistance in drawing up the application and further process).

Our company has highly qualified lawyers, who will promptly providing the right decision in a given situation, and you will assist in carrying out all the procedures and registration of necessary documents correctly Mapping requirements to the defendant on all substantive rights.

Our company will protect your rights.


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