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Registration as a subject of implementation of obligatory technical control of vehicles

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The procedure for the mandatory technical control of vehicles in Ukraine is regulated by the relevant procedures approved in 2012. This document, in particular, established the frequency of technical control:

  • 1) For cars that are used to generate income from the transport of passengers or goods - once every 2 years (with a life of more than 2 years).
  • 2) For trucks with a carrying capacity of up to 3.5 tons (operation over 2 years) - once every 2 years.
  • 3) For trucks with a carrying capacity of more than 3.5 tons - every year.
  • 4) For vehicles carrying dangerous goods - twice a year.

In accordance with the Procedure, obligatory technical control in Ukraine is entitled to be carried out by individual entrepreneurs or legal entities that have:

  • 1) Appropriate equipment.
  • 2) Certificate of Accreditation.

If there is a certificate and equipment, the business entity sends information about this to the Ministry of Infrastructure. The Ministry within 10 days checks the information provided by the applicant and, if confirmed, sends a notification and documents to the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The service center within three working days enters information about the subject of mandatory technical control in the appropriate registry.

If false information is identified or there are comments on the documents, the Ministry of Infrastructure notifies the applicant of the identified deficiencies. When they are eliminated, the notification is given again.


  • 1) Lifting devices.
  • 2) Stand for checking brake systems.
  • 3) Device for determining axle load.
  • 4) Equipment for measuring the engine speed.
  • 5) Air pressure gauge in tires and brake systems.
  • 6) Tire tread gauge.
  • 7) Smoke meter.
  • 8) Device for measuring beam angles, headlamp intensity, light distribution.
  • 9) Gas analyzers.
  • 10) Other devices, the full list of which is given in Appendix No. 2 to the Order.


Mandatory certification involves the issuance of a UkrSEPRO certificate, the validity of which is 3 years.

The certification procedure includes the following steps:

  • 1) Filing an application.
  • 2) Its consideration and development of a certification scheme.
  • 3) Production analysis.
  • 4) Checking vehicle samples after repair.
  • 5) Making a decision to issue a certificate.
  • 6) Certificate issuance
  • 7) Technical supervision of services that have been certified.

To provide services for the mandatory technical control of vehicles, a business entity publishes at the booth such information:

  • 1) categories of vehicles that are subject to control;
  • 2) operating mode;
  • 3) location of the technical control point;
  • 4) the number of the business entity in the register of entrepreneurs carrying out mandatory technical control;
  • 5) names and surnames of the persons responsible for the control.

If you intend to carry out mandatory technical control and do not know where to start, contact Legal Solutions specialists. We will advise you on all issues of registration of the subject of technical control, tell you what documents will be needed and provide support in registering. You can find out about the timing of the procedure and the price of the service during the initial consultation.


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