Our mission

Our mission is to maximize the protection or leveling of external and internal threats to business that lie in the legal field, in order to direct the resources of our clients to growth, and not to fight mosquitoes. Ultimately, we are confident that this strategy will lead to a better world.

About us

Legal Solutions company is a team of experts that has been providing legal services to representatives of domestic and foreign businesses for 8 years, being part of the INNOVA CONSULTING GROUP. Therefore, a distinctive feature of our company is the provision of a full range of services for doing business: from company registration to full support of all business processes, which allows our clients not to deal with routine, but to focus on business development and scaling.

One of the specializations of the Legal Solutions company is the opening and support of business of Ukrainian and foreign companies. Our partner network is set up all over the world and allows us to provide professional and high-quality business support for clients, regardless of location. The main office of our company is located in Kyiv. You no longer need to look for separate specialists who can accompany certain business processes - our team of professionals with many years of successful experience will provide your company with a full range of services for opening and supporting a business anywhere.

What meaning do we put into our brand symbol? We decided to make an experiment. Below are 3 meanings that we put into the logo, we invite you to guess and then compare your ideas and ours. If something brilliant is born, be sure to send it to us via the feedback form. If our assessments of the genius of your idea coincide, we will be happy to present you a very cool gift!

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"Legal Solutions" has a long experience in the field of law and good practices in all areas of law. Our main goal - to provide qualified legal assistance and the attainment of the desired result.

Individual approach

We appreciate every customer an individual approach to its problems and goals. To all cases without exception, we use an approach that focuses on achieving concrete results.

Guaranteed results

Thanks to the constant and active cooperation with the various branches of business, we guarantee timely execution of tasks you.

Our values


We are oriented to the result. We offer individual, alternative solutions and expose additional possibilities for development, being base on strategic priorities of client and our international experience. Each of our professionals personally, maximally concentrated on the achievement of quality, given at high level legal services.

Satisfied clients

Our clients come to the conclusion that our services correspond to their necessities and they are high pleased quality, that is offered by "Legal Solutions". you can be sure in high quality of the services rendered with the greatest experience by lawyers, it is confirmed by the satisfied clients of our company. Combination of unique experience, present for the lawyers of our company, and modern standards of providing of legal help allows us to offer to every client appealing to our company, individual going near the decision of question and to attain a result that in a maximal degree answers his interests.


Our possibilities at providing of corresponding services to the clients fully conform to their requirements. Having vast international connections and well organized structure, a command "Legal Solutions" is characterized as a rapid and effective company, for the decision of professional tasks. We offer individual, alternative solutions and expose additional possibilities for development, being base on strategic priorities of client and our international experience. Our specialists render a maximal assistance at the observance of main positions operating normatively - legal documents.

Our team

Our team

Our command consists of professional lawyers, advocates, accountants and public accountants, arbitrage managers. Due to combination of expert knowledge of the fields of law with considerable experience of legal practice in different directions, we guarantee the decision of Your questions of 100 % result in your favour, similarly, we give the optimal decision to the client, conditioned by the complex going near the decision of the put tasks.


Stepanenko Maxim Mikhailovich

Stepanenko Maxim Mikhailovich

Managing partner
Kulish Rostislav Sergeyevich

Kulish Rostislav Sergeyevich

Partner. Buchoutsourcing
Sonko Alexei Alekseyevich

Sonko Alexei Alekseyevich

Partner. Jurisprudence

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