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Registration of changes. Making alteration

Our specialists can help in realization of procedure on re-registering of enterprise. Due to large experience, we guarantee re-registering of firms, or enterprises in minimum terms, regardless of legal form, be that LTD., LLC, Individual Entrepreneur, STATE of emergency or ОАО.

Every type of re-registering of enterprise carries in itself certain nuances procedure of processing of documents influences on that. Independent attempts to bring in necessary changes in Your documents can result in the heavy tolls of efforts and time. Appeal for help to us, and re-registering of LTD., ОАО will pass in minimum terms, without any some efforts from Your side.

Re-registering of enterprise is needed at bringing of adjustment in the constituent documents of Your enterprise, or at adjustment of his activity. Sometimes re-registering of JSC can be required in LTD. - our specialists without problems will manage and with a similar task.

Basic types of re-registering :

  • it is a change of legal address;
  • it is a change of the name of enterprise;
  • it is changing of legal form of enterprise;
  • it is making alteration in a charter capital;
  • it is making alteration in a charter;
  • it is a change of membership of founders;
  • it is changing of types of activity of enterprise;
  • it is replacement of leader.

Our specialists own all subtleties and nuances of re-registering of enterprises of all patterns of ownership, therefore you can know an answer for any question touching this procedure. Our specialists in a minimum term will prepare all documentation and will accomplish re-registering in necessary public organs, therefore you will be able practically at a stretch to carry on activity of the firm already with the conducted changes.


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