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Registration of unprofitable associations

Unprofitable organization a legal entity that does not carry out activity, as businessman, is considered. To such list it is possible to take organization, that does not carry in itself an aim to get a financial profit from the work.

Along with the Ukrainian law, to the similar type it is possible to take organizations engaging in charity, public organizations, credit unions, cooperative stores, courts of arbitration, society of proprietors of apartment houses, pour party and pension fund. Also, in such list it is possible to add other persons, that carry out activity not envisaging a financial profit. For creation like organization on territory of Ukraine it is necessary to register unprofitable organization.

If you want to produce registration of such company, then it is first necessary to decide, what legal form she will carry, it is whereupon necessary to define the aims of company. Organization can carry social, eleemosynary aims, aims of education, or sciences. Also the aim of company can be a protection of rights, or legal interests of enterprises and citizens.

During registration for you the company name must be thought of. Direction of Your company, and also her legal form, must be reflected in him.

Registration of noncommercial organizations - this one of directions in the list of the services given by us. We make warranty timely execution of order, independent and literate drafting of complete package of documents and grant of your interests in the registration organs of noncommercial organizations.

Appealing to us, you will get literate support, maximally minimized terms at implementation of tasks. Our specialists are ready to consult you on any nascent questions, regards to registration of unprofitable organization with different aims, statuses and features, that carry in itself an important value Also a meaningful moment realization of registration of funds of charity is considered, what our firm engages in.

Eleemosynary organization, it is organization, the primary objective of that the charity, sent to society, or some part of population, is considered.

Organizations that is not sent to the receipt of financial profit due to the activity can produce registration as a benevolent fund. Financing of similar companies takes place due to importations, or offering. The consumers of charity can be both legal and physical entities.

To design an eleemosynary company the citizens of Ukraine, citizens of other state, have rights, or persons, not having citizenship, but who reached 18. Also has the opportunity to become legal entity of any form a founder.

Registration of benevolent fund is considered difficult procedure, it is therefore better to entrust to her realization the specialists. Our legal firm offers to the large spectrum of services the population, there is registration of benevolent fund on the book of that.


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