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Liquidation of enterprise on decision of owner (in the general order)

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Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

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The essence of the liquidation on the initiative of the owner based on the fact that the supreme management body of the enterprise decides to liquidate the Company, appoint a liquidation commission and decides the timing and order of procedure.

What it is in service on the debtor's liquidation by the decision of the owner:

  • A detailed analysis of the entire documentation of the legal entity;
  • The organization meeting of the Company, execution of the decision on liquidation, appointment of liquidation commission;
  • The liquidation of action in accordance with the law;
  • The transfer of legal documents in the archive;
  • Making a mark on the termination state recorder under liquidation.

Why us?

  • The shortest terms of measures on liquidation procedures;
  • Execution of all necessary documents and solutions according to the requirements of the law;
  • Successful experience with the procedures for the liquidation of the debtor by the decision of the owners.

Who needs this service?

This service will suit business owners who want to terminate their business activities and to repay existing debt on loans at the expense of the legal entity's assets.

Liquidation of a legal entity for the decision of the owner (owners) is ideal when the estate assets to pay off debts of the enterprise. The procedure for this process is described in st.st.111-112 Civil Code of Ukraine, as well as the position of the Commercial Code and other regulations.

Doing activities and management of the company is fully transferred to the Commission, is carrying out the liquidation. In all the institutions representative of a legal entity is a commission.
With the liquidation committee made capacity of a legal entity. It has the right of first signature is accountable signature.

Directly from literacy and skills of members of the Commission will depend on the speed of the activities related to discontinued operations. Our experts will help you to form a liquidation committee, determine its powers.

Basic steps that produces the liquidation commission:

  • Update information on the presence of assets and liabilities inventory;
  • Valuation of the property with the help of an independent examination;
  • Searching for lost assetsConsideration of applications from lenders to provide well-informed decisions. Search and seeks the debt with the debtor's business;
  • Storing information on available assets of the liquidated entity, a list of creditor's claims and review the results of the interim liquidation balance sheet;
  • Repayment of the creditor's claims, in accordance with the order;
  • Execution and delivery of documents to the archive;
  • Storing information about the termination of activity of state enterprises. registrar, in accordance with the liquidation procedures;
  • Our employees provide full support of the transaction, from the moment the decision to liquidate, ending the entering of information in the USREOU .

What is required from the client?

Full list of owners of the enterprise, the documents of accounting, enterprise agreements, the list of assets prior to the inventory, a list of debtors and creditors.
Liquidation by the decision of the owners is low in cost and time-consuming. But while this process goes through the verification and control by the state. Debt, which is available at the company, not canceled and repaid using the assets.

If companies are present and there is a debt of the property for their repayment, and no prospects for further activity of the enterprise, the most rational solution is considered to be the owner of a decision on the cessation of activities and the creation of liquidation commission.

Algorithm of work:

  • Contacting our company, meeting with a client;
  • Analysis of the client's documents, evaluation of the need to eliminate, which is not connected with the bankruptcy procedure;
  • Drawing up a contract for the provision of services;
  • Making the necessary documents in order to decide on the termination of the owners of the company;
  • Appointment of the Commission, the work of all the actions that are associated with the liquidation of the company;
  • Drawing up the interim liquidation balance sheet, accounts payable, if necessary, the implementation of the property business;
  • Drawing up and approval of the liquidation balance sheet, shipping in GFS;
  • Gos. Check termination legal. face;
  • Payment for services performed.


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