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Are you thinking about developing a unique mobile application? Combining a good idea with a professional developer is part of the job. It is important to bring the product to the market, invite users and sell your mobile app.

One of the places where you can register and sell your application is the Apple App Store. Registration on the platform has some peculiarities, which the specialists of the Legal Solutions company will help to understand.

We offer clients legal support for registration in the App Store. If you want to become our client, order a consultation and find out the details of cooperation, choose to contact us in any convenient way - phone, feedback form on the website, e-mail. We will help you.

What legal problems can we help solve?

There are a number of legal issues that arise for companies developing a mobile application when registering in the App Store. If these issues are not resolved, they can have serious legal consequences and put your business at risk.

Highly qualified lawyers of the Legal Solutions company will help solve tasks related to:

  • intellectual property;
  • privacy policy;
  • user license agreements;
  • deals with the App Store and many others.

Registration in the App Store: services of the Legal Solutions company

Many startups are convinced that in order to sell their product through the App Store, it is enough to register on the platform and create your Apple ID. However, the registration procedure consists of legally significant steps.

The lawyers of our company offer the legal services when registering in the App Store, including:

  1. Services related to intellectual property rights. To qualify for copyright protection, the product must be original and in fixed form.
  2. Patenting. We will provide expert legal advice and help you file a patent.
  3. Trademark registration.
  4. Choosing the form of an App Store account.
  5. Registration of a legal entity - a developer company.
  6. Obtaining a DUNS number.
  7. Preparation of necessary documents - agreements on the creation of a mobile application, confidentiality agreements.
  8. Legal support of the IP-licensing procedure. Negotiating, concluding a license agreement.
  9. Development of a license agreement with the end user. This is an agreement between the company that owns the program and users of the program.
  10. Analysis and legal assessment of the transaction on the App Store.
  11. Linking a bank card.
  12. Account payments, etc.

Have you started a business as an application developer and your intellectual property is the main asset? The design, graphics, source code, name, and look of your program are your most important assets, and you must protect them. In addition, you need to protect your personal assets from claims against your business.

By contacting the Legal Solutions law firm, you can correctly:

  • register your business;
  • defend against court decisions and creditors;
  • comply with corporate formalities;
  • attract investors;
  • add your product to the App Store.

Why do developers rely on us?

Registration in the App Store does not always go quickly and without problems, which is why it is so important to enlist the support of lawyers. So, for example, the platform may require additional information about the developer's company. There are also certain requirements for compiling application descriptions and a number of other formalities that must be observed.

Developers, companies that want to advertise their product and show it on the App Store choose us because we offer:

  • great experience;
  • high qualification;
  • individual solutions;
  • complex implementation of the task;
  • innovation;
  • complete confidentiality;
  • responsibility;
  • reputation;
  • 100% result.

If you have any questions or want to order legal support for registering an application in the App Store, please contact us by phone or on the website. Grow your business with the Legal Solutions team!


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