User agreement

(Terms of use of the site)

This Agreement sets out the terms and conditions for the use of the LEGAL.UA website (hereinafter referred to as the Site) for the purposeful use of the Site and the User's access.

The Agreement is concluded between you (hereinafter - the User) and the Site Administration (hereinafter referred to as the Administration) and regulates all methods of using the Site, its "Domains" and the Programs which are at the disposal and administration of the Administration, all types of services provided by the Administration through the Site and the Programs.

1. General provisions

1.1. The site (hereinafter - LEGAL.UA) provides users with a wide range of services related to the field of law (hereinafter - Services).

1.2. Services are provided to users of the LEGAL.UA Site in accordance with this User Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement).

1.3. The use of the Site indicates that the User has subscribed to this User Agreement (the "Agreement") in full and confirms his consent to the terms and conditions set forth below.

1.4. Use of the Site is allowed only to a person who has accepted all the terms of this Agreement.

1.5. The User must carefully review the terms of this Agreement before using the Site.

1.6. If you do not agree to the terms of this Agreement (in whole or in part), the User's rights can not be granted to you; you are also prohibited from using the Website, including, without limitation, any information posted on the Site and any Services that provided within the Site.

1.7. The terms set out in this Agreement apply to all Users of the Site.

1.8. This Agreement is an accession treaty in accordance with the provisions of Article 634 of the Civil Code of Ukraine. By visiting our Site and working on its content, you fully accept the terms of this Agreement, acknowledge receipt of your agreement, and accept the obligation to comply with it.

2. Definition of terms

2.1. Administration - (the owner of the Site) performs certain administrative functions to monitor the working capacity of the Site, the server, equipment and programs on which the Site is located, is engaged in "promotion" of the Site, maintains traffic statistics, performs the duties of the content manager, monitoring the timely updating of information .

2.2. User - any person, including both a citizen of Ukraine and a citizen of a foreign state who uses the Site.

2.3. User Agreement - this Agreement, as well as all subsequent amendments and additions thereto.

2.4. Information on the Site - any information posted on the Site, including information (messages, data) irrespective of their form of submission, results of intellectual activity, as well as other data, in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine. Use of information on the Site in any way is allowed only subject to compliance with the restrictions established by the current legislation of Ukraine, this Agreement and the license agreement granting the right to use the Site, which will be provided upon request of the User.

2.5. Information messages - any information that does not contradict the legislation of Ukraine, which may be provided to the Users solely for the purpose of informing.

2.6. The site is a collection of web-sites hosted on the Internet, united by a single theme, design and the only address space of the LEGAL.UA domain, containing information on the Site created, collected or processed by the Administration and Users, is contained in the information system providing the availability of such information on the Internet at the network address LEGAL.UA.

2.7. The use of the Site is permitted by this Agreement for the use of the Site for its functional purpose, in particular, the downloading of the pages of the Site and the use of its resources and services.

2.8. Partners - any natural or legal persons that are linked to the Authority by contractual relationship, which is granted the right to post information on the site that is not contrary to the legislation and purposes of the Site, as well as whose Informational Messages (including the Information Messages made on their behalf) or in their interests) may be displayed and / or sent to Users.

2.9. A cookie is a piece of data generated by the Site and stored in the computer (browser) of the User as one or several files. Cookies do not contain Personal Data and may be blocked by the User at any time.

3. Subject of the Agreement

3.1. The Administration allows the User to view and download information from the Site for the purpose of personal non-commercial use. It is forbidden to change the materials of the site or distribute them for any other purpose. Any use of information from the Site on other sites, resources or computer networks is prohibited.

3.2. Information and Services that the User receives through the Site is provided only for the purposes of this Agreement.

3.3. Information and Services that the User receives through the Site may be used by the User in his professional activities, but the responsibility for further dissemination of information from the Site or its consequences is entirely owned by the User.

3.4. In accordance with this Agreement, the User guarantees that the Website will use the Site in its professional activities solely for informational purposes.

3.5. Users are solely responsible for the assessment and perception of the information received from the Site and the use or misuse of such information at its own discretion.

3.6. Users are responsible for complying with Ukrainian legislation and professional practice standards.

3.7. The site may contain links to other Web sites or Partner resources. The Administration is not responsible for such websites and resources, in particular regarding their availability, as well as the legality, completeness and correctness of the information that is distributed to them.

4. Rights and obligations of Users and Administration

4.1. The User and the Administration, while using the Site, are obliged to adhere to the applicable laws of Ukraine and the following rules.

4.2. Rights and obligations of the User

4.2.1. The User may use the Site solely within the limits of those rights and in the manner provided by this Agreement and other rules that are posted by the Administration on the Site.

4.2.2. The User has the right to use the Site and to access the posted information. The administration at its discretion determines the correspondence of the information, has the right to delete the inappropriate information without the prior notice of the User; - the placement of information that violates the rights of third parties to information or intellectual activity results is prohibited. This restriction means a ban on copying any information without the consent of the right holder; - citations in the original and in translation for legally disclosed works for scientific or informational purposes may be cited, including the reproduction of excerpts from newspaper and magazine articles in the form of press reviews, to the extent justified by the purpose of quoting, but not more than a quarter of the author's publication text.

4.2.3. The user is forbidden:

- falsifying headlines or other manipulations, to bypass restrictions established for access to the Site;

- attempt to circumvent any protective technological measures related to the use of the Site;

- To send, download, transmit or otherwise distribute the tools of influence on traffic, as well as "chains, pyramids", advertising or spam;

- to disclose or ignore affiliation with a third person or organization;

- collect information about other Users, including personal and contact information;

- to use the Website for the conduct of any business or any activity aimed at obtaining income (except for actions provided for in separate agreements between the User and the Site);

- to download, store, publish, distribute and grant access or otherwise use the intellectual property of other Users and third parties without legal rights for such use;

 - download, store, publish on the Site information from other Internet resources, and also copy, distribute and provide access to information on the Site to third parties who are not users of the Site;

- download, store, publish, distribute and provide access and otherwise use viruses and any other malware;

- to place information and objects that may violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties, as well as information containing threats, discredit, insult, humiliate, honor or dignity or business reputation or violate the privacy of users, third parties, administrations; - use the Site for other purposes, instead of those specified in this Agreement.

4.3 Rights and duties of the Administration

4.3.1. The administration has the right, but not obliged to do any follow-up without warning:

- to record or preview materials for Users in any areas on the Site;

- to study statistics on the use of the Site;

 - to delete the contents of the publications of the user, which in the opinion of the Administration does not comply with this Agreement and / or the license agreement;

- to stop and restrict the access of the User who violated the terms of use to the Site;

- to establish new terms of use of the Site;

- determine the content of the site, the information contained on the Site, the Services provided to Users;

- to use the personal data of the User in any way provided by the legislation of Ukraine, in order to improve the work of the Site;

4.3.2. Administration undertakes:

- to be impartial in making decisions about Users;

- to maintain the Site in working condition;

- take the necessary organizational and technical measures to protect the personal data of users from unauthorized and unlawful or accidental access to them, destruction, distortion, blocking, copying, distribution of personal data; - adhere to the Privacy Policy of the Site, which can be consulted upon request to the Administration;

 - in the case of providing personal data of the User in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine on the protection of personal data and the Terms of Use of the Site, to monitor the lawfulness of their use.

5. Disclaimer of Warranties

5.1. The Administration does not guarantee that the Services on the Site meet the personal expectations and requirements of the Users and / or unquestioningly bring the result expected by the User.

5.2. The Administration is not liable to Users and third parties for the possible consequences of using the Site.

5.3. The Administration is not responsible for the accuracy of information provided by the Partners and other Users.

5.4. Users agree that they use the Site at their own risk and under their own responsibility.

5.5. The administration is not liable for any damages (including loss of money, connections or reputation, potential earnings, other intangible losses, any special or indirect losses) incurred including, but not limited to: - misunderstanding by the User of the procedure for using the Site, information on it, the interpretation of information at its own discretion or impossibility to use the Site to the fullest; - errors or inaccuracies in the content; - Delays or failures in our services; - errors or inaccuracies of any kind in the Services on the Site; - actions or inactivity of third parties.

5.6. Administration is also not responsible for the damage caused to your computer equipment or other property, as well as for possible infection with their viruses, loss of data due to your visit to the Site, the use of the Site and information, downloading information from you, and does not bear the obligations of contact Together with the above. The Administration reserves the right to terminate the work of this Site at any time without notice and without any obligations in this regard.

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