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Renewal of record-keeping

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

What does service consist of?

Renewal of record-keeping, it is service about to the return of account to the book-keeping of company in the proper state, according to the law of Ukraine.

During this procedure creation of new, or change of operating registers of account of tax and book-keeping, comes true, primary documentation is restored, data are collated with partners and by a tax, and also the corrected declarations leave, along with accounting control. Also, other actions, that is needed for corrective of errors of the system of account, or his renewal, appear, when a record-keeping was not produced.

Why we?

Due to our literate accountants, pick-a-back that rich experience of work in area of registering of book-keeping and by a tax, we make warranty quality work, confirming it a collaboration with many firms.

Why this service?

  • At the lowered state of accounting, if anymore 20% business is not reflected in accounting, or indicated un right. In a similar variant renewal of account will treat less expenses, than public accountant verification and correction of record-keeping on results an audit.
  • If declarations are not given, and tax collections are not paid, then bum-bailiffs can impose an arrest on Your bank accounts.

To date many companies need renewal of record-keeping for last periods. A record-keeping needs to be conducted at a stretch, with the stable fixing of all economic operations of firm, directing the required reports in supervisory organs. However, a tax is able to find out violations in a conduct a record-keeping, or failures in his conduct. At such variant renewal of accounting is very highly sought.

It is needed to add that errors public accountant verification of financial documents can find out, and it is the best variant, in fact if shortages a supervisory organ finds out, then a firm will have for errors to pay penalty approvals. Renewal of record-keeping is acting that is based on ERCC, and anchorwomen, on itself correction and data in the registers of tax, analytical and synthetic, according to the requirements of legislation of Ukraine. To produce renewal of record-keeping, a presence is required even to some part from primary documentation.

At a discovery in the record-keeping of shortages, their immediate correction is required, because one error conducts immediately other and the complete changing of organization of accounting will be required as a result. Renewal of record-keeping is complete (if all registers are looked over), or partial (at detection of errors only in part of registers)

Renewal of record-keeping is produced with the purpose of getting things put in order in all documentation of company, according to a current legislation. To minimize the material expenses related to the sufferet errors, all process of renewal of book-keeping and tax account comes true along with the dispatch of faithful tax returns and forms of accounting control. Renewal of accounting is based on renewal of registers synthetic, analytical and tax account firms due to the complete or partial package of documents, the loss of that happened in connection with changing of location of company, or replacement of accountant, wrong conduct of бухучета, for some period of work of organization.

That from you is needed?

  • primary documents that touch the checked up period;
  • reports for the last year;
  • access to the base of registering (1С);
  • access to the programs of serve of accounting.

Concluding a treaty with us, you will get not only renewal of account on a current period but also recommendations of our employees, concerning the facilitation of financial streams of future periods and account on the whole.

Besides the works related to renewal of documents of book-keeping and by a tax in Your firm, our specialists will carry out consultation on nascent questions, and will give literate advices, regards to the future conduct of record-keeping on rules. We will put in order Your book-keeping, according to a current legislation.

After an address to us you find:

It is the Clearly adjusted account according to the norms of legislation of Ukraine and already tomorrow you can be not afraid of verifications, because you will be repose in stability of the firm.

Algorithm of actions :

  • Appeal in our company;
  • Realization of meeting with the competent employees of our company;
  • Free analysis of situation, decision of her complication;
  • Conclusion of treaty on services, decision of order of calculations;
  • Realization of preliminary payment;
  • Collection of necessary information for renewal of account;
  • Research of the state of record-keeping;
  • Development and adjusting with the customer of plans of work;
  • Collection and renewal of primary documentation. In this stage collation of calculations is included with the leading partners of company;
  • Bringing of adjustment, or registration of new registers of book-keeping and tax account;
  • Concordance of tax collections, payment discovered fines;
  • Registration of correct tax returns and calculations on insurance payments in off-budget funds. Registration of correct accounting control. Dispatch of faithful declarations, calculations in tax organs and off-budget funds.


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