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Registration of financial institutions

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That plugs in itself:

  • Advising of Client concerning registration of financial company;
  • Development of the documents required for procedure of registration;
  • State registration and adding to USR of legal entities, physical persons-businessmen and public beginning;
  • Registration in all instances and organizations that is required by a legislation;
  • Adding of information to Register of financial institutions of Ukraine;

Why we:

A legal company "Legal Solutions" possesses enormous practice in such questions, as registration of financial organizations, such as: pawnshop, credit union, public accountant company. Apply and we will render assistance to you in registration of financial organization and additionally we will help in the receipt of all required licenses!

If you have an aim in creation of financial organization, then to you exactly to us! Our highly skilled employees of firm "Legal Solutions" are ready to help.

Advantages of financial companies:

  • Financial institution must be a legal entity that in compliance with the legislation Ukraine renders single, or row of services of financial character, along with additional service, that relate to finances at the norms described in the legislation of Ukraine and added to the set register, according to a law in force. From it is possible to come to the conclusion that financial organizations are recorded in complete accordance with the norms of current legislation and only after can begin to render services of financial character.
  • Financial organizations can possess any legal form, except terms, when legislation regulates certain markets on providing of financial services and sets some terms and prohibitions.
  • Financial organizations in Ukraine divide into: bank organizations, credit unions, pawnshop, leasing’s and trust companies, insurance companies, pension and investment funds, and another legal entities, with providing only of financial service, and situations that is prescribed in the legislation of other services or operations, that also relate to providing of financial services.

Registration of financial organizations:

According to the set rules, at registration of financial company, the charter of company, which is made according to norms and acts of legislation, must be worked out necessarily, that directed to on a settlement activity of financial organizations of one or another kind. Some financial organizations, in most cases it jars, pawnshop, credit unions and insurance firms, have the features. The minimum volume of charter capital, necessary amount of members, requirements to the employees, is included in their number.

Important the stage of registration bringing of information is considered regards a legal entity in the state register of financial organizations that conducts the National commission, accomplishing the state controlling in the segment of markets on providing of financial services.

Since registration of financial organization will come true in the organs of state registration there is registration of license to activity, what a company and documents plan to engage in given in the National commission.

The receipt of license is obligatory for financial organizations that carry on such activity, as:

  • Insurance services.
  • Pension story systems.
  • Financial credit foods on the basis of the involved facilities.
  • Providing of any service of financial character, that envisage the direct or indirect involving of money assets from physical persons.

In an order to design a financial company, you will require:

1) If of number of founders a physical person consists:

  • copy of passport of citizen of Ukraine (for physical persons - residents) or copy of passport / of passport document / (for physical persons - non-residents) and copy of certificate about the appropriation of ITN (if I am);
  • the warrant Notarized by a notary from all founders on the representative of our firm. This warrant is recorded through any notary. If required, we will render assistance in the grant of maintenance of document, or to recommend you a notary with that we carry out a collaboration.

2) If of number of founders a legal entity consists:

  • copy of extract from ЕГР of founder;
  • copy of charter;
  • copy of passport, copy of certificate about the appropriation of ITN of leader (directors) of founder and documents testifying to his rights;
  • Extract from USR of legal entities and physical persons-businessmen, actual upon the date of grant of documentation for registration of issue of equities (in instance where present in the number of founders of society of legal persons-residents, given on all founders), or copy of the legalized extraction from a trade, bank or judicial register or registration certification of local government the foreign state about registration of legal person-non-resident, notarized by a notary;

Coming from the type of financial company by us another additional documents can be highly sought.

3) Also you will require to decide:

  • aims of registration of financial company;
  • a presence of material and technical base and suitable shots;
  • a presence of sufficient amount of finances for creation of charter capital;
  • the desired maximum terms of completion of procedure.

Chip of financial companies :

Only financial companies are registered in accordance with the requirements of current legislation and plugged in the State register of financial institutions that got corresponding licenses can render the corresponding types of financial services.

After registration you get:

  • Self-control from USR about registration;
  • Copy of Charter, notes of the general meeting of founders, Extraction to the list of founders (in case of creation);
  • Printing.
  • Documents certifying plugging in the State register of financial institutions are a certificate and appendix to him.

Algorithm of work :

  • Appeal of client;
  • Receipt from the client of all required information;
  • Making of the required documents;
  • Bringing general collection over and signing of Protocol;
  • State registration of financial company;
  • Making of printing of organization;
  • Opening of bank account;
  • Additional services that can may need to the clients : processing of the required documents of permissive character.


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