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Registration of private entepreneur

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

What is this service:

  • Preparation of a full package of documents that will be required in order to proceed with the registration and create a state of emergency;
  • Assistance in selecting the type of economic activity, which will be the basis for the activities of emergency;
  • Power of attorney for the right to emergency registration;
  • Have paid all required state. duties;
  • Submission of an application to create a state of emergency in the state body. registration;
  • Preparation of documents that confirm the opening of an emergency;
  • Print selection, sending a request for its manufacture;
  • Support and assistance in opening a bank account;
  • Preparing a full package of documents to transfer them to the customer personally.

Why choose us for the opening of the state of emergency in Ukraine?

Specialists of the Law Company "Legal Solutions" possess a rich experience of cooperation in the field of registration and business services. We are always ready to provide you with support and maintenance of registration of the enterprise at every stage.

Our goal is to maximize simplify your tasks and save valuable time and finances.

This service " Register PE" is useful if

Are you tired of working for someone else? You want in the shortest time easy to open your own business, which will have ample opportunities in the field of entrepreneurship in comparison with other organizational - legal forms? Then the best solution would be to issue an emergency.

Private Enterprise (PE), in Ukrainian. Private enterprise (PP) - a legal person / entity that can be created by one or more citizens of Ukraine, citizens of any other state. PE acts on the right of private ownership or base to property. Pod ownership rights means a legal entity. In Ukraine, registration PP is the most simple and affordable procedure that allows you to quickly organize their own business.

Advantages of PE:

  • the relationship between the co-founders of practically not controlled by law, so there is a wide horizon to create a model for the control of activities of the enterprise;
  • co-founder is responsible only for the amount of its contribution;
  • reasonable price for the establishment of emergency;
  • the law does not, and periods with regards to the authorized capital;
  • the founders may be both natural and legal person;
  • free choice of the tax system (EN, a common system of VAT);
  • free choice of activity, there is no framework in the number of employees.

Register PE Kiev

Although the state of emergency and the registration procedure is easy, does not require large investments, the best solution would be to appeal to professionals than to try to deal with amateur.
Laws of Ukraine often suffer modifications and amendments, so the common man can not control all the changes. For a successful and expeditious procedure for the registration of emergency it is best to turn to professionals.

Do you have 2 variants if you plan to register PE:

  • seek help from us;
  • independently.

The latter option is extremely undesirable.

Selecting complex legal services, you get a competent stand by for any questions of law.

Register PE in Kiev

For registration required emergency:

  • Name;
  • To solve the issue with regards to the owners (the best in the state of emergency to register only one owner, and for companionship choose a different organizational - legal form);
  • Choose the most convenient system of taxation;
  • Select no more than six kinds of economic activities on the Oued;
  • Legal address.

When you call us, you get competent advice, we will provide you with assistance in choosing the system of taxation, legal address, as well as explain why it is not necessary to involve partners in the state of emergency, right will select the type of activity of state of emergency.

Required documents:

  • photocopies of TIN and the founder and director of passports;
  • copies of constituent documents, in case one of the founders of the legal. face;
  • data on the name, legal address of the emergency.

The entire registration process leads to entering the information in the Unified State Register of Ukraine. This action allows you to legally work, and therefore to make calculations, to earn income, to deduct the money in the state. funds. The legitimate activities of your company is a guarantee of the success of your business.
If you contact us today, we give you a guarantee that all the documents in the shortest time will be in your hands!

After registering you will be on your hands:

  • Charter;
  • Print;
  • Extract from the USR.

The owner is not responsible for the obligations of the enterprise with the help of Sway property, but has great potential in the issue of control of the company. The co-sponsors also responsible in this case only exactly the amount you contributed to the authorized capital.

Why choose us?

Law firm "Legal Solutions" is not the first year there in the legal market. During this period we have gained invaluable experience and personal tools in this regard. We cooperate only with highly qualified professionals who thoroughly understand the work. Behind every lawyer a lot of successful trades. Our hard-working, serious approach and continuous improvement has helped to take a top position in the market and established itself with a good hand. Quality work with a successful outcome, it is our main motto!

Work algorithm:

  • Receiving requests from the client;
  • Conducting meetings with the client, in which selected the best option of opening union;
  • Get 50% deposit;
  • We assist in the selection of the name of the company (check commit the relevance), we carry out a selection of activities, if required, we can provide a registered office;
  • According to the documents and data, create all the required documents for the registration of emergency;
  • We provide support by signing the documents at the notary's office;
  • We make the registration and registration with authorities;
  • We make printing;
  • We send the document with the seal of the client;
  • Get 50% post payment for the transaction;
  • Price PE registration - 2000 UAH.


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