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Registration of foreign representative office

We guarantee high quality services for a reasonable price.

Perform tasks in the shortest possible time to guarantee the result.

working days

When in the cost of registering a foreign agency includes:

  • All work related to the registration of new foreign representation.
  • During the process, providing consulting support.
  • Preparation of all necessary, during the registration of foreign representative offices documents.
  • Analysis of the information and documents before the process of registration of the foreign representative.
  • Issuance of Certificates.
  • Registration in the State Tax Service.
  • Accounting in the Statistical Service with the attachment of the registration number.

The company "Legal Solutions" provides consulting and legal support in Ukraine during the registration of enterprises with foreign capital and foreign missions.
You have quite a large number of partners and customers in different parts of Ukraine and you want to expand the area of their business means the opening of offices and representative offices in other districts, cities and regions of Ukraine?

At the same time you do not want to open up other companies, again coming up with the name, make the charter and make popular again?
Foreign Missions (SP), in Ukrainian - Іnozemne Predstavnitstvo (ІP) - a body that has all of the powers and authorizations to represent the interests of Ukraine in foreign enterprises and firms. SP operates strictly according to the law of Ukraine, following the established rules and regulations. Representative office opened within 2 months (60 days), as there are certain nuances that need to be addressed in the process of registration. It is said that the final word when registering, is the decision of the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine.
The procedure for registering a foreign mission is to obtain the necessary rights to engage in business on behalf of the general enterprise and in its interests. It should be understood that the foreign office that is registered on the territory of Ukraine may be only as a link connecting the company here, with its main offices abroad. A separate legal entity at the same time, is not created.
Provided the state fee during the registration offices.

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has established the appropriate fee, which is charged with the registration of foreign representative offices, non-business entities.
When a supply of registration papers to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, the applicant receives an account number for payment of the state fee. At this time, the charge is $ 2,500.

The list of documents that are required for registration of foreign representative offices:

  • Making a statement with the application for registration.
  • Original extract from the companies register.
  • The original position of the foreign mission.
  • The power of attorney (to the director) for authorization to represent the company in Ukraine with the representative face listing authority. You need an original of this paper and its notarized copy.
  • Original certificate from the bank where the account is opened in the company (with account number). On the signature certificate should be issued her a bank employee, and it must be notarized.
Required documents must be apostilled and translated into the Ukrainian language at the official interpreter to assure the seal.

We because:

"Legal Solutions" - a law firm that provides a full consultation and registration assistance to Ukraine foreign mission. The company guided by the laws of the country, will prepare all the documents necessary for registration, will represent your interests in the registration authorities. Also, to help you with the conclusion of contracts during the registration of rent of premises (legal address), and will provide legal assistance for the work of representation.

After registering you will be given:

  • Information from EDRPOU.
  • Form-an extract from the USR.
  • The situation in the foreign office.
  • Personal Printing.
Remember that the documents to the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine must be submitted no later than six months from the date of their receipt in the country of the company's location.

Why us?

  • Our lawyers, in addition to higher professional education separately studied the specifics of the issue.
  • The company's experience in this activity is about 5 years.
  • All projects of the representative offices and branches improved every year, take into account all the details and the details of the full compliance of the requirements of the Law of Ukraine.
  • We have a free consultation.
  • One of the main achievements of the positive result, is the practice of communicating with government representatives, which we have quite a lot.
  • And most importantly, the best indicator of our work is a lot of positive feedback from grateful and our favorite clients.

The process works:

  1. Client prepares the Application;
  2. Personal meeting with the client to discuss the best way at the opening of a foreign mission;
  3. The client makes an advance payment (50%);
  4. The client provides comprehensive information on the company and documents, in consequence of that, we make the right package of papers required for registration of foreign representative offices;
  5. We are engaged in the registration of the company and formation of its registration in relevant bodies;
  6. Making printing;
  7. The package of documents with the press is transmitted to the client;
  8. Finish the transaction form a second part of the payment (50%) for services


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