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Registration of organization of invalids

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The Ukrainian legislation avouches for invalids those rights and possibilities, what to all citizens – to participate in political, economic, cultural life, realize the possibilities and interests, conduct the valuable way of life.

on the other hand, people with the limited possibilities behave to the socially unscreened categories and need help, related to defence of their rights and freedoms. For this purpose, and also for their socialization, bringing in to useful to society activity is created public organizations of invalids.

The questions of registration of organization of invalids and its further functioning are regulated laws on bases of social security of invalids, about public associations, about state registration of

legal entities, physical person and public formations.

The association of persons with disabilities is created in the same manner as any public organization. Its members may be persons with disabilities, their representatives, as well as persons who decide to help people with disabilities contribute to the work of the organization.

An organization can be created in the form of a legal entity without its registration. Social groups of persons with disabilities can both carry out non-profit activities and engage in business.


In order to register an association of persons with limited liability, it is necessary first of all to hold a meeting at which a decision will be made to create an organization. Further, within 60 days after the meeting, the appropriate package of documents should be submitted to the local registering authority.

If it is planned to create a legal entity, it is necessary to register it in the Unified Register.

It should be noted that the registration of the public organization of persons with disabilities provides benefits for the payment of fees and duties. Thus, in accordance with the Tax Code, such enterprises are exempt from land tax if, as of the previous month, they employed 50% of persons with disabilities, and their salary fund was at least 25% of the total amount allocated for labor remuneration.


  1. Statement.
  2. A completed registration card for opening a legal entity (form number 1).
  3. Charter
  4. Minutes of the meeting at which the charter was adopted.
  5. Information about the management and composition of the manual.
  6. A document confirming the location.
  7. Receipt of payment of the registration fee.

To create a non-profit organization, you will need information about the name and types of activities, copies of passports and identification codes of the founders.

With the help of Legal Solutions lawyers, you will be able to go through all the procedures quickly and without obstacles from the government.


  1. Consultation.
  2. Development of the necessary documents, decisions, protocols in accordance with applicable legislation.
  3. Registration of the association of persons with disabilities and registration with government agencies, obtaining supporting documents.
  4. Accompanying the process of obtaining the status of a non-profit organization.

If you have any questions about creating a disability association - ask our employees by phone or leave a request by e-mail or in the messenger.


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