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Trade unions represent a special category in the list of public organizations, the most numerous and ramified. A trade union organization receives the right of a legal entity from the date of approval by the decision of the congress or conference of its charter (regulation), but not from the moment of its legalization. However, there is a nuance - it is nevertheless necessary to legalize the created organization in the judiciary, so that there would not be any difficulties and contradictions in its further activities.


Why the question of how to create a trade union is rather ambiguous and has many nuances, however, in any case, it is necessary to begin with legalization. The status of trade union organizations begins with primary organizations established directly at the place of work, then develops into city, regional, republican associations on a professional basis, joining a single all-Ukrainian union. Therefore, trade union registration is carried out taking into account the characteristics of the organization being created.

If a union is supposed to be created in an enterprise, then the registration of the primary organization takes place in the judicial authorities, where a properly executed decision of the union members should be submitted as from an existing trade union unit. After legalization, it is necessary to register with the state registrar. The same pattern is followed by the legalization of local and regional trade unions, and organizations with higher status must apply to the central state executive body.

Based on these features, the creation of a trade union for an inexperienced person or even a group of people can become an insurmountable obstacle. But if the registration process includes the company “Legal Solutions”, the trade union at the enterprise will be created with an individual approach, based on the requirements of Ukrainian legislation. The company's specialists will do all the hard work for you and help you resolve all related legal issues. They know for sure how to create a trade union organization in the shortest possible time, observing all legal subtleties and remaining within the legal framework.

Our lawyers will legally competently prepare documents for legalizing a trade union with any status and number of members and will provide you with a ready certificate of registration of the organization as a legal entity, provide a seal and open a bank account. You will receive a ready-to-work trade union education and the right to further consulting support!

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