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Registration of change of types of activity

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Must you make alteration Standard Industrial Classification code (types of activity of your enterprise)? Quickly and inexpensively. Call to us!

Those main types of activity, that were confirmed in 2005, lost the force of January, 1, 2013. According to new changes, all businessmen that registered Standard Industrial Classification code to this period must pass without fail procedure of changing of types of activity in public organs. Changing of КВЕД in Kyiv is not difficult and labour intensive procedure, but her it is better to entrust to the specialists.

Change of Standard Industrial Classification code : that is included in base service?

We always try to offer to the clients the whole complex of services, that in the total you were able to get a really positive result:

  • Advising from the real professionals, that will allow it is better to understand to you, what Standard Industrial Classification code , why to change them and as it is correct to do. We will answer any Your questions also.
  • Prepare the package of the required documentation.
  • Realization of procedure of registration that passes in Single state register
  • Get an extract that is given out Standard Industrial Classification code . It is necessary in case that there is a change of basic type of activity of LTD.
  • Get data that is given out to USREOU.
  • Get the new release of Charter of Your enterprise for you. It is necessary only in case that changes will be brought in regulation documentation.

Why we?

  • "Legal Solution" is a company with rich experience of work in the field of grant of legal services, therefore our employees can offer to you effective solution of any Your problem.
  • energetic, purposeful workers for that changing of types of activity became an ordinary and simple task already work For us.
  • Specialists will do all possible on changing Standard Industrial Classification code of our company, that you got the desired result.

Changing of SIC cods: description of service

Data about those types of activity, that all registered enterprises engage in on territory of Ukraine, are kept in Single state register. For bringing of some changes in this information you will have a decision of legal entity just.
The change of types of activity means that an enterprise wants to go across from one sphere in other. Thus changes activity of company in a legal plan. Mostly such procedure does not require some special actions, but if you will make even one insignificant error, can you say no in realization of changing.

SIC code is considered the most important information about activity of any company that is registered in Ukraine. Pay attention, that procedure of changing does not depend on the legal form of Your enterprise.

Codes of types of economic activity use not only management organs but also all existing in Ukraine public organs often. It allows to them it is simpler and quicker to fix activity of businessmen and enterprises.
Pay attention, that subjects of profitable and unprofitable management are under an obligation to change the types of activity. Usually this procedure is conducted by the leaders of companies that decided to try the forces in other sphere or area. you always can check the коды for an official web-site government service of statistics of Ukraine.

Dignities and features of service:

Data that are in Management of statistics and Registration service can be presented by not only the director of enterprise but also his trusted, if the last can show correctly drawn an and signed up warrant. Changing of main type of activity is considered simple enough, she does not require from the leader of some difficult actions or decisions. But it is needed to remember - one error in any document and worker of Registration service can say no to you in realization of changes.

Change of types of economic activity : in detail

Before you will change the types of the activity, you will need to think about what exactly you plan to occupy in the future. It can be explained by a circumstance that a choice of kinds sometimes is a very difficult process. Broadly speaking the process of re-registering looks identical for all legal forms. But some differences can be noticed between making alteration legal and natural persons.

A new code will become actual at once since procedure of re-registering will make off. Changing of types of activity of LTD. (or individual businessman) is conducted far quicker, if this the real professionals engage in.

Replacement of SIC code independently: how to do?

If you do not want to shift this business in other hands, then fully can conduct procedure and independently. But it is needed to pay attention, that the change of type of activity of LTD. (or IB) can pass not so quickly, as in case of realization by his professionals. That will you need to do?

At first you need to appeal to Registration service and give the collected package of documents (do not forget about statements that will need to be filled, and also about a warrant, if you are of interest leader of company). There give out sheet-confirmation, that specifies on your decision to change activity.

Given out before give sheet-confirmation in Management of statistics (attach the package of some important documents to him). After delivery of certificate, the change of type of activity of IB (or LTD.) is considered officially conducted.

Necessary documents:

  • it is Information gives out that to USREOU (not necessarily)
  • it is Release of Your current charter. Copy. It is necessary to give only in case that in him will be made alteration .
  • it is Protocol that confirms making alteration in Your charter. Original. It is necessary to give only in case that in him will be made alteration.
  • it is Release of new charter Original. It is necessary to give only in case that in him will be made alteration.
  • it is Warrant Original with Your signature and seal (we prepare)

Necessary information from a client:

Changing of type of activity of IB (or LTD.) is such procedure that it is impossible to conduct without the receipt of some information from you. That do we need to know?

  • What types of activity do you gather to occupy in the future?

Documents got upon completion :

  • it is the New charter with made alteration (if it was necessary).
  • it is Information with ЕГРПОУ.

Algorithm of work:

  • we Get Request from a client;
  • we Specify all nuances on a task;
  • we Get 50 pre-pay;
  • On the basis of the given documents and information we develop all necessary documents on changing of SIC code;
  • we Conduct changing of SIC code;
  • we Pass to all documents the client;
  • we Get 50pre- payments for the conducted procedure.


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